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9-11 Parsons Street

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9-11 Parsons Street

The 1925 City Directory lists Walter Bickford, a janitor at the Winship and Bennet schools, as a resident of 9 Parsons. Lillian Parks and Maude Parks are listed as residents of 11 Parsons.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows A.P. Fiske as the owner of this house.

The 1930 Census lists the owner of this house as Martin Finnegan, a 40-year old US Customs officer. Martin lived in 11 Parsons with his 40-year old wife Anne. Part of 9 Parsons as rented for $40 a month by Thomas Donneley, a 70-year old gate tender for a railroad. Thomas lived with his 65-year old wife Margaret and their two children: 27-year old Joseph, a bookbinder; and 22-year old Ruth, a secretary for a law firm. Another part of 9 Parsons was rented for $50 a month by Anton Saganney, a 37-year old floor layer from Italy. Anton lived with his 27-year old wife Ann and their 3-year old daughter Ellen. Part of 11 Parsons was rented for $35 a month by Maud Parks, a 76-year old housekeeper. Maud lived with her 56-year old sister Lillian and 66-year old Sarah Adams, a lodger from New Jersey. The building was valued at $10,000.



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