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39 Parsons Street

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39 Parsons Street

This brick multi-family house was built in 1900 and rises three stories to a slate roof.

The 1925 City Directory lists Karl Heber Brock, a paying teller for the Old Colony Trust Company; and Frank Sargent, a grain dealer, as residents of this house.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows K.H. Boock as the owner of this house.

The 1930 Census lists Karl Brock, a 41-year old bank cashier, as the owner of this house. Karl lived with his 30-year old wife Edith and their three children: 10-year old Donald, 7-year old Albert, and 1-year old Marchia. Part of this house was rented for $45 a month by Theodore Shazey, a 41-year old druggist from Maine. Theodore lived with his 39-year old wife Catherine and 18-year old daughter Dorothy. The building was valued at $8,000.



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