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3-5 Oakland Place

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This multi-family house was built in 1923 and rises two stories to an asphalt roof.

The 1925 City Directory lists Guy Farris, a clerk; and George Mahan, an auto mechanic, as residents of 3 Oakland Place. James O'Brien, a carpenter, is listed as a resident of 5 Oakland Place.

In 1930 part of this house was owned by Edward Scott, a 55-year old automobile club employee from Canada. Edward lived in 5 Oakland with his 54-year old Canadian wife Etta. 5 Oakland was valued at $1,200. Part of 5 Oakland was rented for $20 a month by Walter Gordon, a 30-year old electrical contractor from Connecticut. Walter lived with his 20-year old wife Eleanor. Another part of this house was rented for $28 a month by Guy Farris, a 38-year old grocery clerk from Maine. Guy lived with his 49-year old wife Violet and their four children: 15-year old Rosalene, 13-year old George, 10-year old Florence, and 4-year old Gladys.



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