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66 Fairbanks Street

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66 Fairbanks Street

This brick multi-family house was built in 1900 and rises two stories to an asphalt roof.

The 1916 Bromley Atlas shows Sarah Mabley as the owner of this house.

The 1925 City Directory lists Patrick Malley, a police officer; and Fred Maloon, a cable splicer, as residents of this house.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows S.A. Malley as the owner of this house.

The 1930 Census lists Patrick Malley, a 72-year old widower, as the owner of this house. Patrick lived with his 45-year old niece Anna McCabe (born in New York). Part of this house was rented for $38 a month by Thomas McCarthy, a 27-year old Boston police officer. Thomas lived with his 29-year old wife Eleanor. The building was valued at $8,000.



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