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47-49 Fairbanks Street

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47-49 Fairbanks Street

This brick multi-family house was built in 1890 and rises two stories to a slate roof.

The 1916 Bromley Atlas shows D.S. and B. McKay as the owners of this house.

The 1925 City Directory lists George G. Brown, a salesman; George W. Brown, a salesman; and William Brown as residents of 47 Fairbanks. John Hourihan is listed as a resident of 49 Fairbanks.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows J.J. and M. Hourihan as the owners of this house.

In 1930 this house was owned by John Hourihan, a 42-year old building painter from Ireland. John lived in 49 Fairbanks withhis 42-year old Irish wife Mary and their two daughters: 10-year old Mary and 8-year old Gertrude. 47 Fairbanks was rented for $40 a month by William Brown, a 56-year old general laborer. William lived with his 59-year old Canadian wife Alice. The building was valued at $6,200.



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