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45 Fairbanks Street

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45 Fairbanks Street

This multi-family house was built in 1917 and rises two stories to an asphalt roof.

The 1916 Bromley Atlas shows Elizabeth Sheridan as the owner of the empty lot where this house was built.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows R.G. Jones as the owner of this house.

In 1930 this house was owned by Katherine Malin, a 44-year old secretary for a real estate agency. Katherine lived with her 84-year old Irish mother-in-law Jennie Malin. Part of this house was rented for $45 a month by Solomon Madove, a 76-year old from Maine. Solomon lived with his 63-year old wife Lucy (born in Maine); 34-year old daughter Margaret Burdick (born in Maine); and 5-year old granddaughter Dorothy. The building was valued at $10,000.



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