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42 Fairbanks Street

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42 Fairbanks Street

This three-story multi-family house was built in 1910 and renovated in 2000.

The 1916 Bromley Atlas shows Leroy Starrett as the owner of the empty lot where this house was built.

The 1925 City Directory lists Frank Emery, a salesman; H.M. Hedden, a salesman; and Andrew Kaufmann, a foreman, as residents of this house.

The 1925 Bromley Atlas shows H.M and G.E. Hedden as the owners of this house.

The 1930 Census lists Della Liddy, a 41-year old widow from Ireland who worked as a waitress, as the owner of this house. Della lived with her 12-year old daughter Evelyn. Part of this house was rented for $44 a month by George Williams, a 40-year old draftsman for the Boston Elevated Railway. George lived with his 31-year old wife Mary; 13-year old daughter Marguerite; 26-year old lodger Margaret Fahey, a registered nurse; and 20-year old lodger Esther Fahey, a stenographer for a cracker company. Another part of this house was rented for $50 a month by John Geary, a 38-year old salesman. John lived with his 32-year old wife Bernice and their 3-year old son John. The building was valued at $9,000.



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